Saturday, 23 June 2012

eng 101 gdb

I wouldn't want to visit the moon even if I were offered a free round-trip. For one thing, the trip is just too dangerous. For another, there isn't much to see when you get there. It is just a great big desert. You can see more interesting sights at the Grand Canyon and get much better accommodations. Another adverse factor
about visiting the moon is that you have to wear all that heavy clothing, and it must be unpleasant trying to walk around with such low gravity. You can see everything you should want to see about the moon by watching the moving pictures taken by the astronauts who actually went there. Everything about a trip to the moon must be unpleasant, such as eating, sleeping, living in cramped quarters, wearing stifling clothing, breathing out of oxygen tanks--and what about going to the bathroom? The best thing about the moon is that you must get a great view

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