Saturday, 23 June 2012

mgt 11 idea solution

SHO being called for explanation or suspended by the IG Police
"Internal control", as both belong to the same department.
IG Police called for explanation in Courts of Law
" external control" (judicial control)
Secretary Interior called to appear before Committees of the Parliament to provide satisfactory answers
"external control" (legislative control)
Police Department as a whole needs to request for funds from the executive to fulfill its desired role
"external control" (executive control)
Not only the mentioned ones but now the fourth pillar of the state has also nosed the Police in general and all the other pillars of the state in particular
"external control"
note: read the lecture no 30 and you will get the whole assignment. remember the instructions given by the instructor
Please read the following instructions carefully before preparing the assignment solution:
• Your answer must be precise
• It must be to the point

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