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What to put into your Landing Page Video

What to put into your Landing Page Video

Landing Page Tips
Video sales letters and landing page videos are the new trend of late. With technology simplifying the process of making videos, people began to rely on videos to connect better and more effectively with their audiences.
To g
ive your visitors a more engaging, interesting and personal first time experience of your site, it is always advised to have a video on your home page or landing page. Besides just the impact of ext, videos have a more positive visual impact as well. Plus, they get to know you at a more personal level if you address them by talking to them via your camera. These impressions are much more long lasting than those that plain and boring text can ever have.
At the same time, there is an entertaining element to videos too. You could make the, professional or simple of goofy or flashy and still be assured that they will not only convey information but also entertain your viewers better.
Now that we know how important videos are on your landing page, here is a quick guide on making excellent, impactful videos for your site. To sum it all up, there are 9 essential elements that one must keep in mind while creating landing page videos:
1. Your very first slide must be attention grabbing- Traditionally, squeeze pages have a headline to gain the attention of their visitors. In your video, you need not have a headline in the form of text on your page. It is always better to have text on your slides that serve as thumbnails throughout your video. This will have a visual impact equivalent to that of a headline as this is what your audience will view when they begin viewing your video.
2. Begin with making the problem clear- To set up a quick, instant connection with your viewers; do not begin bragging about yourself but talk about them instead. You must acknowledge their state, their problem, the reason for that problem and the reason they are unable to solve it. 
Being humans, all of us not only wish to increase pleasure but also want to reduce our pains. Either of the two are important in their own ways to everyone. You must identify the problem faced by your users and how things could change for the better once this problem is fixed, you will make it clear to them that you know them and understand them. This shall set up an instant connect with them. By doing this the right way, you can grab their attention like nothing else can.
The problem you could be handling can vary from skin problems to obesity to difficulties in SEO to locating places. Make sure that you stick to one theme all through your video and have data relevant to it.
3. Contextualize the problem- This is an important part as it puts forth how the pain being faced is due to the underlying problem just described and how the viewers could suffer by not fixing it. By stating the loathsome future awaiting them if they fail to fix the problem, you will be glorifying your solution to it.
4. Bring your solution into light- Once you have introduced the problem and its consequences, the stage is just set for you to introduce your solutions to it.
This is that time when you bring in your content and how it will help your viewers with their problem. Present how your free content can help your viewers handle the various aspects of the given problem. It could be anything ranging from an app to an e-book to video training to a free report to a checklist to just anything. Just make sure that it is valuable in the market and that you are making it available for free. This will make them give up their email to you in order to view a copy of it.
Make the value of your free content very clear and state how it will help with the problem. The basic aim is to provide some hope to your viewers so that they may trust you and wish to find out more about your services and products.
5. Put across the benefits, advantages and features clearly- In this part, you must delve into the details of the free content you are offering. In your features, put forth the many attributes like the number of pages of a book or the length of a video or the size of a product. In your advantages, emphasize on what makes your content preferable to the others available on the net. Sum up the positive results of your features and advantages together with your benefits.
6. Call for action- The fact that your viewers have watched so much of your video till here means that there is some interest being displayed by them. This implies that you have made your case good and clear and be assured that the time is ripe to ask them to join in. Tell them how exactly they can opt in and beckon them to act then before its too late.
This part is very important for your video squeeze page. A lot of viewers will have absolutely no knowledge of how to get that which you are offering to them and so you have to give them clear cut instructions on how to avail it. Your calls to act must be crisp, clear and precise such as ‘Kindly enter your contact number here and click on the ‘go’ button to avail of our free e-book’. This could be made clearer by making the button for the action clear.
7. Establish your authority- At times, it is not sufficient to just have a solution or free content. What users need to see is why it is you that they must come to for solutions to their problem. Explain how you understand them better with your experience and why you have a better qualification to provide them with the necessary solution to their problem.
8. Set a deadline- Humans have a habit of postponing things. Unless they are given a deadline and compelled to act then, they will not do so. Compel them to act now by convincing them that later might be a little too late. Force them to act by saying that there is a limited number of free content available or that the first 100 get additional benefits. This will get your viewers excited to act fast.
9. End with a call for action- Once you have established that th

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